Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fairy Princess Crown

I haven't had anytime lately to post anything. All of a sudden my daughter and I have gotten really busy. So now that it is Sunday I finally had time for a post. Anyways, Julia decided to call this one her fairy princess crown. I know her face is dirty in this picture. She was eating chocolate while I was doing her hair. LOL.

First of all I started by hot gluing these cute little puffballs (which I got from Wal-Mart) to the tips of bobby pins. While those were drying I started on her hair.

First I put 4 ponytails along the front of her head. Easy enough!

Next, I used a pipe cleaner to pull the ponytails threw themselves to make knots in each one. I just ran the pipe cleaner under the elastic in the middle of each ponytail, wrapped the front of it around the ponytail itself and pulled it threw from the back.

Ok I hope I explain this part in a way everyone can understand. Here it goes....
I then made a second row of 5 ponytails. Seperating the ponytails in the first row into two peices each and connecting them to the adjacent ponytails in the second row. Pull the second row into knots just like the first row.

Seperate the back into 2 sections. Put into ponytails. Twist each ponytail into a bun, leaving a little on the ends out.

Curl the tops of the buns (the parts you left out). Spray with hair spray. Next take the dried bobby pins and insert into the middle two ponytails in the front row and the middle 3 ponytails in the second row. The balls themselves should be in a kind of cradle from where you knotted the hair. All finished!