Thursday, March 5, 2009

A down-do and bow holder

The kids are starting to feel better!!!! So Julia asked me to do her hair, I was thrilled! OK, I first parted the hair Straight across from ear to ear.

Then I made another part diagonally.

Working to the right of the diagnol part, I put in 3 rows of french braids, following the part. Then I went to the other side and did 3 more rows of french braids starting at the part and going down.

I twisted the 3 left braids together, and the 3 right ones together.

I twisted the 2 twists together on the left side. Add a small bow.

This is my first attemp at making a bow holder. I just bought the pre made wood princess sign, and an acrylic paint set from the dollar store. Then I hot glued the ribbon to it. Having somewhere to put all of her bows is GREAT!


The Petersons said...

Adorable hair! I love this one. Love the bow holder too!

Cary Hairbows said...

I am in awe every time I visit your lovely blog--I love how beautiful your daughter looks because of all your stunning hairdo talents...amazed, too, at how nicely Julia sits there and allows you to do that intricate work. She is SUCH a good girl. HUGS!